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How we are activated

How does a callout/task originate?

To understand how search and rescue works in British Columbia, read about the BC Search and Rescue Program.

A typical SAR call out originates with a missing person is being reported to a local police force. The police can opt to use the resources of a SAR group if they decide it is necessary. The SAR team is alerted, and a volunteer SAR manager is briefed on the situation. The team responds with tools and techniques depending on the circumstances. The RCMP remain in command, delegating authority to the SAR team, until the missing person is found.

  • There is no cost to the individual to activate search and rescue services in BC.
  • You do not have to wait 24 hours to report someone lost. The faster the person is reported missing the easier it will be to find them.

If our services are required, please call 9-1-1 to start the process.

  • Police Authority (RCMP)
  • BC Ambulance Service
  • Local and Regional governments during civil emergencies
  • Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC)
  • Municipal Fire Service
  • Coroners Service
  • Other SAR Teams requesting mutual aid

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How we are funded

We are funded through two main sources:

  1. BC Search and Rescue Association
  2. Private donors and team fundraising efforts.

We believe in No Charge for Rescue:

        1. The subject may be put at greater risk (eg. the delay itself, prolonged exposure to the elements, less likely to be found, etc.)
        2. The rescuers may be put at greater risk (more exposure, more area to cover (time distance travel considerations), air support may be unavailable due to delay, etc)
        3. A prolonged search increases costs to taxpayers and volunteers exponentially

Current Fundraising Projects:

  1. We are currently raising and saving money to upgrade our SAR Hall. We have a need to build a new garage in order to house PGSAR 2 and Command Trailer.
  2. We are also working on a Trail Sign Initiative. This project consists of strategically placing signs with GPS coordinates and instructions for people who may have been injured or lost in the backcountry.

If you would like to participate or donate towards either of these causes please do not hesitate to contact us: INSERT EMAIL.

Princeton Ground Search and Rescue is located at Box 1288 Gate 2, 175A Airport Road, Princeton, BC V0X 1W0. We serve a vast region from Manning Park through Keremeos, and from the Canadian / American Border through Aspen grove. Check out our coverage area on Google Maps. 

You can also ask for information at your local RCMP/ police detachment or call the regional Emergency Management BC (EMBC) office.

Are SAR Members Paid?

No. All SAR groups across BC provide their service on a volunteer basis to the local police, BC Ambulance Service (BCAS), local regional disaster planning  or as requested by EMBC to assist another group. Volunteers do receive reimbursement for expenses according to EMBC policies, and are provided with WorkSafe BC coverage while on an operation or task, or authorized training event.


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