Member In Training

Each Year Princeton GSAR accepts new members granted the titled of Member-In-Training. During your time as an MIT you are able to learn about Princeton GSAR, and what to expect on tasks and exercises. 

  • Application period is ongoing.

Princeton GSAR accepts applications throughout the year in preparation for courses held from January through April.

Fill out the online form below if you would like to be contacted for more information.

Please read the next section thoroughly and feel free to email any questions to

Member-In-Training Summary

  • 1-year program
  • Attendance expectations (100% of all MIT training)
  • Average of 100 hours per year
  • High special event attendance expectations
  • Must complete the JIBC Ground Search and Rescue certification (integrated into the 1 year program)
  • Must complete a basic first aid course (can be provided by the team)
  • Must complete extra training as required to develop skills
  • Must be able and willing to purchase required equipment to function as a SAR volunteer

The ideal candidate will possess all or most of the following criteria (this list is not exclusive):

  • Physical fitness (eg. able to carry a backpack that weighs 20-50 pounds in uneven terrain over long distances, able to lift weights that exceed 50 pounds)
  • Similkameen knowledge (experience with Manning Park, Cathedrals, and other areas)
  • Experience hiking, snow-shoeing, and camping
  • Basic First Aid or CPR
  • Can produce a SAR ready pack
  • Employed or self-sufficient
  • Able to commit to the team
  • Lives in the Princeton area.
  • Is Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident (required)
  • Other Assets: special skills and unique experience in emergency services, guiding, ski patrol, firefighting etc.