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Search and Rescue Capabilities

Searches & Tracking

Tracking is a very useful technique for finding a lost person. It can vastly reduce the number of people and the amount of time it takes to find a lost person.


Very involved training where members learn boat operations, shoreline rescue, disentanglement and “line across” techniques. Skills are used in moving water.


Any rescue where a rope is used to safely move the subject, the rescuer or both. In terrain where slip or fall will have drastic consequences.

Flat Ice

Operating safely and efficiently in this high risk environment in order to rescue subjects from frozen bodies of water.


Locating and retrieving people who have been buried in avalanches. We are trained to use avalanche transceivers, probes and shovelling.


Education and training in the area of First Aid is key for all of our members. Being able to respond to basic first aid emergencies all the way up to major events is a priority for our team.

ATV / Snowmobile

Locating and retrieving individuals stranded or those who have injuries in the backcountry. This is a common scenario in the Coalmont/Tulameen area of our region.

Join Us in the Great Outdoors!

Receive professional level training, make new friends and use your skills to help out your local community. Joining search and rescue is a rewarding experience.

About Princeton Ground Search & Rescue

We are a volunteer search and rescue team. We provide life-saving service to the public, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The PGSAR team depends on donations from government, corporations and members of the community. Without the support of the community, and volunteers we would not be able to provide this essential and life-saving service.

GSAR Course

This program will provide GSAR Members-in-Training with an understanding of the “big picture” structure and responsibilities for SAR in BC.

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Join Us

Interested in Joining our Team?

Princeton Ground Search and Rescue (PGSAR) volunteers play an important role in helping the community of Princeton and surrounding area. Those considering membership in PGSAR should be compassionate, empathetic, level-headed, team-oriented, safety conscious and able to deal with difficult situations.

We are looking for individuals who:

  • Like the outdoors
  • Want to learn new things
  • Can work as a team
  • Non-field based roles also available
Application Process
Please fill out the Contact Form if you would like more information.