GSAR Course

Princeton Ground Search and Rescue is a volunteer search and rescue team. We provide life-saving service to the public, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The PGSAR team depends on donations from government, corporations and members of the community. Without the support of the community, and volunteers we would not be able to provide this essential and life-saving service.

This program will provide GSAR Members-in-Training with an understanding of the “big picture” structure and responsibilities for SAR in BC.

The SAR training model begins with the foundational Ground Search and Rescue training, which is required in order to be recognized as an EMBC-supported SAR volunteer.

Program Description

The Ground Search and Rescue program is broken into several modules that are delivered in house by our local trainers and online self-study. Modules include a combination of overall awareness of search and rescue practices as well as the development of critical skills required for participating in various types of operations. Modules consist of in class learning, practical learning and exams.

Course Delivery

Our Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) course is run on most Tuesdays/ Thursdays from November to April. The course ends with a 24 hour overnight in April.